Relax. Restore. Rejuvenate.

Experience the profound relaxation of this one-of-a-kind sound meditation utilizing the purest crystal quartz singing bowls in the world. Take refuge from the chaos and stimulation of our busy modern lifestyle in an environment that allows you to feel more grounded, connected, and open hearted. Rest in a comfortable reclining pose in one of our beautiful public venues and be serenaded and bathed in the sounds and vibrations of genuine Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.

Each HeartsongBATH consists of a guided meditation, crystal bowl sound therapy, a concert of human voice in harmony with the singing of the bowls, and deep relaxation. You will leave with a sense of calm, restoration and harmony with your true nature. You might also experience greater clarity about your life's purpose, insight into how to bring your dreams to reality, and deeper connection to the Earth and all living beings.


An Elevated Sound Experience


Our collection of rare and precious crystal singing bowls make this a unique sound bath meditation. They are made from the purest crystal quartz in the world, and blended with a variety of gemstones, elements and metals for a unparalleled sound experience. Our regular touring set includes a full C major octave, allowing for beautiful and comforting harmonies and melodic lines, and features precious gemstones such as emerald, smoky quartz, rose quartz, platinum, lapis lazuli and tiger’s eye.


Music as Medicine


Dr. Suzie Lee is a holistic physician, sound healer and lifelong musician. She is the owner and founder of HeartsongHEALTH, a holistic chiropractic and clinical nutrition practice. In her role as sound bath facilitator, she combines her clinical and artistic background to create a beautiful and nourishing healing experience. Dr. Suzie recommends Alchemy Crystal Sound Baths for many health conditions, and has found it to be especially helpful for stress management, anxiety, and improved sleep. She is happy to be able to offer community sound baths and private events as a complement to her in-office sound therapy sessions and holistic health practice.