Community Sound Meditation

monthly offerings in alameda and oakland

A sound meditation is a sound bath with emphasis on basic meditation principles. We understand that meditation can be a powerful tool for stress management, and is an important evidence-based element of the holistic treatment plan for a vast array of medical conditions. We also understand that many people find meditation intimidating, and are frustrated in their attempts to establish a regular practice.

A sound meditation is an excellent way to introduce or develop your meditation practice. The sounds of the bowls provide a sweet focal point for your mind, and most of our students report that the hour flies by effortlessly. And even if you don’t wish to participate in the meditation element of the sound bath, you will still enjoy all the relaxation benefit of this restorative session.

Private Events


Looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion or get together with your friends, family or network? We love bringing our sound baths into private homes, businesses and public spaces in order to help our clients celebrate and give thanks for the milestones of their lives. This is a great way to commemorate the beginning of a new chapter, or simply to create a unique memory to mark the passage of time.

  • Blessing and celebrating the opening of a new business or moving into a new home

  • Milestone events such as birthdays, weddings, welcoming a baby, anniversaries, career change or promotion

  • Honoring and memorializing the passage of loved ones

  • Celebrating rites of passage for children (most appropriate for ages 8+)

The theme of the sound bath can be customized to fit your group and occasion, and we take pride in creating a special experience for you and your guests.


Corporate Events

stress relief for the modern workplace

Coming from a healthcare background, we are well-versed in the chronic stressors of the workplace. The modern employer understands that providing access to simple stress management techniques, such as breathing exercises and meditation, can reduce absenteeism and increase productivity, creativity and job satisfaction. We are pleased to offer sound bath meditation services in the workplace as a single event or series.

We are also experienced professional ergonomic consultants, which means that we can offer a “one stop shop” experience for your employees that includes a mini-sound bath combined with group ergonomics training and/or individual assessment, customized to fit the needs of your business.


Space Clearing

in-home sessions to spark joy

Just as your house needs regular housekeeping, it also needs to be cleared of all the emotional and energetic “messes” that can build up and make your home feel stagnant. Thanks to books and tv shows such as “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” Americans are becoming familiar with the idea that the home can have a personality and “spirit” of it’s own. Bringing the sound and vibrations of the bowls into your living space is an excellent way to increase your sense of comfort and connection to your surroundings, so that you can feel supported and inspired by your belongings.

This is a great regular practice, recommended annually as a form of home maintenance, or as needed to create a clean slate when moving into or out of a home, or to restore balance after a major trauma or upheaval.


 Live Accompaniment

a special treat for your yoga or movement students

As trained movement therapists, with an extensive background in yoga, we are uniquely able to support your yoga or movement class with sounds and vibrations that will support and delight your students. We are skilled at working with instructors to create a unique experience that blends the benefits of the sound bath with the intention for your class or special offering. Ideal for:

  • Yoga

  • Qi gong

  • Ecstatic Dance or Improvisational Movement

  • Somatic Therapies


Workshops and Special Events

Group sound healing education and unique experiences

There is no limit to the opportunities for learning and exploration with sound healing. Check the events page often and sign up for our newsletter, to make sure you don’t miss announcements for new offerings.